Saving Tips to Komodo Island Backpacker style

Saving Tips to Komodo Island Backpacker style

Our Travel - Travelling backpacker-style synonymous with efficiency or savings. Whether it is cost-effective, time-saving and power-saving. For that trick and strategy in backpacker travel quite a lot of interest. Can we travelled everywhere with comfortable and safe. Especially to the popular tourism destination with such a large cost to the island of Komodo.
Saving Tips to Komodo Island Backpacker style
Komodo Island
Famous tourist spot of this East Nusa Tenggara belong to expensive. Especially when you come from outside of the island, where accommodation costs are very high. To meet the impianmu many ways and tips to Komodo island more efficient. Can find cheap tour packages from travel agents or try backpacker-style streets. Well for you who expect backpackeran to the exotic island of this one, try reading used to be interesting information concerning saving tips to Komodo Island below. There are several strategies backpackeran so your holiday comfortable, safe and optimal.

1. Alternative Cheap Transportation Usually have to sacrifice a little long Time
There are 2 ways towards Komodo island namely via Labuan Bajo, Flores or from Lombok. In the cost of transport, via Lombok tend to be cheaper, but it took a day to arrive overnight destination. Whereas from Labuan Bajo only takes 2-5 hour drive.

Cost to rent ships from Labuan Bajo ranged over Rp 2 million for a capacity of 5-10 people. The price would increase if more capacity. When thou backpackeran alone or with small groups, no need to rent a boat. Search only the fleet to cross to Komodo island with cheap rates. Generally you will wait a bit until the full passenger capacity, before meneyeberang.

Another way could be looking for a travel agent in Labuan Bajo. The numbers are quite plentiful and can be found. Do a price comparison to find the least expensive travel packages. According to a number of backpacker, the best time to ask is the afternoon until the evening. The reason you can join with others to share price.

2. Choose a Homestay Lodging to save cost
As the pre-eminent destination lodging on the island Komodo quite adequate. You can choose the hotel up to the homestay. However, when the plan is highly recommended backpackeran looking for a homestay lodging are far cheaper. Alternatively, you can also stay at Labuan Bajo. There pretty much the hotel offers cheap rates per night. But price, homestay remains the most frugal in the fare.

Mere information, when you rent a boat is usually already comes bundled with lodging. Model ship Libve on Board designed to provide facilities and comfort. Depending on the rental price of passenger capacity and duration of the trip.

3. When it comes the time of the holiday season, Transport and lodging check availability First
It took a few days to explore the island is unique on this one. When the holiday season many tourists come and usually trouble finding lodging. All locations and the type of lodging full dibooking far-distant day.
So, it is highly recommended you check availability and order it early. So did the links could be very rare moment of the holiday season.

4. Optimize your vacation with Activities and visit Interesting spots
Arriving at many tourist sites of interesting activity that deserves you try. Ranging from the ancient animal habitat of komodo look closer on the island of Komodo and Rinca Island. Each island had a uniqueness and most tourists. Don't worry, because of the price of admission is usually a full package of tourist travel.

Don't forget to pay attention to the ways and tips to the island of Komodo. Of whom do not separate themselves from the troupe at the sight of this giant lizard. Do not waving any objects and run if approached komodo. If the coming months mandatory tell guides (ranger) to get more supervision. Do not wear strong fragrances and much more. Follow instructions from ranger to safety and comfort.
Once satisfied, you can meet the Komodo dragon doing shore excursions. You can hunt on the Mainland as well as the enchanting views of the sea. Snorkeling, diving, exploring the beaches or laze in its suburbs could be keseruan. One of the beaches that tershoro her name is pink beach. While to tour the underwater diving spot pretty much like in the stone Samsia, shops and so on.
route tracking in Komodo
For you are a hobby of trekking, could try the exciting activities on the island of Komodo. In addition to the giant lizards, many unique animals and plants that can be found by exploring the landscape. For tourists there are 4 trekking trails to choose from. Starting from the short, medium, long up to adventure with a total length of about 1-8 km.
Still not satisfied? You can explore the nearby islands such as Crocodile or the island Of Padar. Fishing, canoeing, hiking and camping can ever so interesting options. According to a number of backpacker, at least it took 3 days to explore the charm of beauty there.

5. Do not forget to Bring Sunblock because hot sun Seared Enough
You should bring adequate supplies in the tropical heat. For example, wear a hat, sunglasses, clothing covered or sunblock SPF conditioned. The tourist area is predominantly savanna and coastal Prairies, so rarely encountered forest.
Don't worry about the food problem, because many sellers from residents around offering cheap prices. If you want to hunt souvenirs, better look it up on the island of Rinca or Komodo. This is because the typical and unique souvenirs are still rare in Labuan Bajo. May the ways and tips to Komodo Island ala backpaker above useful. There have been many successful backpacker travel to Komodo island with cost-efficient. So it is not a reason to fail the tour because of the expensive fare.
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