Tour the island of Raja Ampat, Papua is popular in the world

Tour the island of Raja Ampat, Papua is popular in the world

Raja Ampat is one of the tourist attractions in the province of Papua, in Raja Ampat island is the famous tourist spots around the world because of natural soothing the eyes of the tourists there. Evidence that the Raja Ampat is popular with the advent of overseas tourists from different countries although we know that for getting there requires a lot of money, and a very long trip but still lots of local tourists and travelers there is no stopping to go there.

His most notable Raja Ampat is also evidenced by the Avant Premiere of his documentary entitled "Edis Paradise 3", a film themed beauty Raja Ampat in Papua by highlighting its natural charm and beauty of the Island under its. The film is one of the value added to convince tourists and local tourists interested to come to it. Raja Ampat is also dubbed as the Amazon region to the oceans of the world because of the layout of the island coincide in the middle of the world's coral triangle.

While the Raja Ampat Islands Location itself is a cluster of West Papua the island with a population of approximately 610 Island while inhabited by only 35 residents of the island while the other islands is only arguably no residents who actually live there is therefore still a lot a very natural Island beauty.

Raja Ampat Island is Very Amazing

Raja Ampat Islands area is therefore the transportation used the local population there by using the transport boat-like waters and others. In addition to the transportation community around access also use boats and the like need to seek food in the sea, the way they catch fish is also very friendly and does not damage nature, so that the preserved natural beauty of staying awake.

The natural richness and enchanting an attraction for tourists and local tourists to come to Raja Ampat. Enjoy the unique natural beauty of the island with berterbaran everywhere, diving, snorkeling, and many more ways to enjoy the beauty of the island, therefore local tourists and travelers will not be bored come to Raja Ampat. How do you interested to travel to there? Let's set the schedule from now prepare yourself to travel to Raja Ampat prove that you are indeed the true nature lovers.

The Route To The Raja Ampat Islands

The route traveled by tourists to go to the Raja Ampat Islands with the use of air transport and on towards the town of Sorong, West Papua. But for your international flight path have to transit through the route of Makassar, jakarta or Denpasar. If you want to choose the nearest line you have to transit in the city of Ujung Pandang takes approximately 5 hours to get to the town of Sorong Western New Guinea.

Well when you Slide in the city will proceed with two-wheeled or four-wheeled to the port to continue the journey to the capital of Raja Ampat (Waisai). The trip continues again with the use of waterways use Ferry or Speed Boat before travelling we suggest you to bring supplies such as water and food and other necessities that you think are important, because in the capital of Raja Ampat prices appreciably higher than in port of Sorong. On the way heading to the capital of Raja Ampat takes about 4-5 hour drive if you use the Ferry, but if you want faster you can rent a Speed Boat.

If you have arrived at the port of Waisai you have to travel into the city centre to go to to find the lodging place, don't forget to get there before you are advised to come to the Office Depbudsar to pay for the cost of mandatory conservation is charged for every tourist who comes in Raja Ampat area after that, you can continue to search for lodging.

Scenery in Raja Ampat Island

A view on the beach of the Raja Ampat has various forms such as rocks and small islands along the blue sea that pamper your eyes there. So from that you do not miss the variety of beauty that was there, for that you can do a variety of activities such as, explore each island is around raja ampat using local boats that have been leased, the uniqueness of other residents is also a tourist draw that is the game like you can also give it a try, after that you can also go to the island to enjoy the coral island Wayag (kars) nearby , and another one is typical of Papuan i.e. red bird you can visit the places in which these birds.

In addition you can also the fishing communities in the traditional way, if you are lucky you can see a unique natural phenomena which are known by the community that is the ghost of the sea East of the island of Waigeo. But very seldom see this phenomenon because according to the community about this natural phenomenon occurs only at the end of each year.

On the island of Waigeo, precisely in the West and North, there is usually a traditional local community i.e. the performances of bamboo flute (flute sow) which is usually in the conduct of each birthday kemeredekaan Indonesia. But not only that there is much more that you can visit like a charm Tomolo Goa there you can find the painting at prehistoric times maybe you can get a new invention there. Just north of Waigeo also there have caves historic relics of the Netherlands and also has a beautiful Waterfall.
The next place you can visit the island in the archipelago located Ayau coral around it there is a small island but the island Ayau has a very large size and beauty of white sand and blue sea water the island impressed a very luxurious. In addition there are islands of sand that has a unique local community menyebutknya with "Zandplaat", there is one of the best choices for tourists.

Interesting excursions in the Raja Ampat Islands

Waigeo South is the most visited for lovers of diving, around the South Island also contains some interesting places such as the tourist island of Coral Bay, historical tourism Kabui Cave skulls and Times of the King. You can also see the dance community that is known for Dancing around Salay, a place located in Saonek you can also visit various villages that were there to see the activities of the community and also you can find one of the crafts that is Wicker comes from the village of Arborek.

For Typical Raja Ampat is also not less importance to try sports tourists and tourist, culinary tour you can enjoy there not far from seafood and a variety of dishes that come from the sea. The typical food of the famous raja ampat i.e. yellow fish soup that you can get in the area of Waisai. The rest please you ask tour guides who are there, because there are many more that you must visit 1 day alone is not enough to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Raja Ampat Islands, if you want to feel satisfied you can even up to a week a month vacation.

For souvenirs if you want to leave the Raja Ampat is highly recommended to bring souvenirs typical of Raja Ampat Islands, namely cloths, the statue of tradisinal tribe of Asmat, musical instruments, Traditional woven crafts people around, flute, and many more. You can get the souvenirs in the shops that provide souvenirs specially Raja Ampat.
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