8 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Jakarta That You Must Visit

8 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Jakarta That You Must Visit

8 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Jakarta That You Must Visit - Jakarta is Indonesia's economy Centrum. However, there are many attractions in Jakarta that are interesting to explore. The largest city in Indonesia has always been busy, it can be said also as the city that never sleeps.

There are many citizens as well as visitors from various regions of Indonesia are happy to get around the city. Sustained city infrastructure, you can easily find many attractions in Jakarta, from natural to artificial, historical destinations, to the various means of entertainment with and hang out.

Demographic conditions Jakarta heterogeneous conditions and increasingly dense areas with settlement up to skyscraper buildings is also growing temperature hot, but not for a moment travelers step tiredness in a number of tourist attractions in the capital city of Indonesia.

Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

8 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Jakarta That You Must Visit

The connotation of Jakarta as city random scramble, floods, crashes, and all the problems of the metropolitan city is indeed undeniable. However, Jakarta is not as bad as suspected. Travel destinations, culinary Jakarta and Jakarta souvenirs are a number of fun things that you can find in the largest metropolitan city in Indonesia.

Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Jakarta who visited most popular Diners travel, both domestic and foreign tourists.

1. The National Monument (Tugu Monas)
This is the Memorial as high as 132 meters (433 feet), was erected to the memory of the resistance and the struggle of the people of Indonesia in the independence of the Netherlands East Indies colonial Government. The monument was built by President Sukarno is enthroned flame coated sheet gold.

The National Monument in Jakarta tourist attractions is the most popular, and also one of the pride of the Republic of Indonesia. Monument under coach by Friedrich Silaban and R.M. Soedarsono is open to the public every day from 8 am to 3 pm, except on Monday last week of every month is closed to the public.

At the base of the monument, there is the National History Museum in Indonesia at a depth of 3 meters. This museum is spacious 80 x 80 meters, can accommodate visitors up to 500 people. There is a lift which will take you to the top of the monument as high as 115 meters, You can see the panorama of the Jakarta Summit. The capacity of the elevator accommodates 11 people at most once and the transport peak maximum Monas can accommodate up to 50 people.

Tugu Monas entry ticket is Rp 5 thousand per person (adult), Rp 3 thousand students, and children of Rp 5,000. To use the elevator to the top of the monument, you can pay the ticket lift Rp 10 thousand per person (adult) or student Rp 5 thousand.

2. Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta old town is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta which is always crowded tourists. Jakarta landmarks of the old town are the charm of historical tourism in Jakarta who gave a lot of knowledge. Various relics of the past still can be found in the area is always crowded on weekends. Also, photography lovers will always love to come to the old town.

There are a number of historical landmarks in the old town, such as Museum Fatahillah, port of Sunda Kelapa, Bank Indonesia Museum, fine arts and ceramics Museum, and shops in red. Not only the historical places, you also can enjoy a culinary experience in the old city of Jakarta with a stopover at Cafe Batavia Cafe or Gazebo, as well as a variety of traditional foods such as Gado-Gado, Soto, until egg crust typical of Jakarta.

3. The Thousand islands
The thousand islands, one of the tourist objects in Jakarta which consists of several small islands this is the spot of interest from among other attractions that enter the province of DKI Jakarta.

The scope of the thousand Islands consists of the island of hope, Island Tidung Island, Bidadari Island, Pari, and dozens of other islands. Most of them offer a relaxed atmosphere if you visited with family.
The Thousand Islands

In the thousand islands, there are many activities that you can do, ranging from diving, snorkeling, or just walking around enjoying the sunset at dusk. The availability of means of good accommodation in the thousand islands makes it easy for visitors who want a longer travel to enjoy experiences.

4. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)
Popular not only for the citizens of Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or TMII is also a popular destination for visitors from out of Jakarta that would like to have a tour in Jakarta. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a fascinating tourist attraction in Jakarta that matches be enjoyed with the family. This is evident from the thousands of visitors flock to these sights, the majority made up of children, young people, and the elderly.

There are many exciting rides offered Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, such as swimming pools, Snow Park Among Puro, not to Miss also the Taman Ria Atmaja, cable cars, as well as dozens of other exciting rides. Besides the rides, TMII also offers nuanced education suited to the advancement of the education of the child.

5. The Ancol Dreamland
It got popular with the name Jaya Ancol Dream Park, tourist destinations on this one now more familiar called Ancol Dreamland. Ancol Dreamland may be tourist icon in Jakarta is considering in these destinations every day, never deserted from visitors both domestic and foreign tourists. Similar to the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ancol Dreamland includes tourist attractions in Jakarta that matches visited with family.

Location of Ancol Dreamland strategic enough so that it is easy to reach from many directions. And as tourist attractions for families, in General, Ancol Dreamland serves a number of suitable rides enjoyed by all ages. There are rides Ocean Rink, a fantasy world, or Sea World that preferred young people and children. Of course, you will be charged again to enjoy the rides-rides that existed in Ancol Dreamland.

As for the entrance of the gate of Ancol is rp25 thousand and Rp 20 vehicle entrance rates thousands (car) or motor Rp 15 thousand.

6. Island Tidung
Among the many small islands that include part of the thousand islands, island Tidung may be the most interesting sights to visit. The island has a coastline that is so beautiful, shady and makes travelers enjoy a lingering stop in this small island. The dominance of a quiet and comfortable atmosphere is very suitable for relaxing with friends, relatives, and family.

As one part of a beautiful beach tourism Jakarta, Tidung Island offers a variety of exciting water rides such as Jet Sky, Water Sport, a sports canoe, Banana Boat, and much more. For those of you whose hobby was visiting the tourist attractions of water in Jakarta, Tidung Island is a favorite destination for family vacations.

7. Dufan (fantasy world)
Dufan or fantasy worlds are popular attractions in Jakarta that included part of Ancol Dreamland Park or Jaya Ancol Dream. The real area of this fantasy world is not so big, only about 9 hectares. However, in it, there is a range of exciting rides that are ready to pamper visitors.

The fantasy world is divided into several spots with a background in large countries, such as the nuanced things European, American, and Indonesia itself. Unique is that each spot is in the complete a number of rides to play a fairly complete, such as pool size and a variety of entertainment facilities.

8. The Ragunan Zoo
Ragunan Zoo which stood since 1864 it was originally managed by Flora and Fauna lover Association of Batavia. Area attractions in Jakarta this one of 147 hectares and has more than 2,000 animal tails. The popular Jakarta Zoo also blanketed with more than 50,000 trees, make the atmosphere became so cool and comfortable. This is one of the famous children in Jakarta, providing education and early recognition of children toward a life of animals directly.

Ragunan Zoo admission only Rp 4 thousand (adult) per person and children Rp 3,000. You can invite so daughter to climb the rides and animals, such as horse riding, camel riding, bicycle, train, to watch the wildlife stage. But of course, each of these rides and animal mounts is charged.

That's some of the most popular tourist spots in Jakarta, you certainly should try visiting one of the tourist attractions. Happy Holidays!

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