Awesome Trip to Karimunjawa Island

Awesome Trip to Karimunjawa Island

Awesome Trip to Karimunjawa Island - Administratively, the tourist area of Karimunjawa is part of Jepara Regency in Central Java, about 83 km to the Northwest of the town of Jepara. Currently, the Karimunjawa have become marine protected reserves in Indonesia and is popularly called as Karimunjawa National Park.

The Name Karimujawa is given by Sheikh Amir Hasan who is the son of Sunan Muria and was also a pupil of Sunan Kudus. Because naughty, son and pupil of proselytizers in Java were then dumped into the Islands if only from a distance look kerimun-kerimun (in Javanese language, meaning that vague). This is the reason why the Islands were then named as Karimunjawa.

Of all the Islands in the archipelago, there are five Karimunjawa Islands are inhabited, while the rest is blank. Karimunjawa tourist area has as many as 90 species of sea coral, more than 240 kinds of fish, as well as 133 aquatic genera. In total, the Karimunjawa has an area of 107,225 ha.

Not only marine life, some land animals also will you encounter, such as monkeys, deer, turtles, birds, and more. This is because the topography of its territory not just dominated by the beach, but also the coastal forest and mangrove forest.
Address: Karimun Jawa Islands Karimunjawa, Jepara Regency, Central Java
GPS coordinates:-5.880019, 110.431962

The Route of the Trip to Karimun Jawa

The popular way towards Karimunjawa is through sea routes. The Marine Express, you will reach the Karimunjawa in about 2 hours from the port of Kartini Jepara. If you choose to use a fast motor boat Kartini, you will reach within 4 hours. Meanwhile, using a motor boat Muria require travel time up to 6 hours to reach the port of Karimunjawa.

However, you can also take advantage of air transport to reach the location of Karimunjawa. Semarang Ahmad Yani airport, you can book airline tickets from airline Wings Air, Merpati Airlines, or Sky Aviation. Next, you will arrive at the airport on the island of Dewandaru Kemujan, Karimunjawa.

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Interesting Tourist Activities at Karimunjawa

There are many fun activities that you can enjoy in the Karimunjawa. Really, you need a few days to be able to satisfy themselves by exploring a variety of charms that are there.

Awesome Trip to Karimunjawa Island
Karimunjawa Island

If you have vacation time is not much, some of the following activities are worth a try when You do travel Karimunjawa in Jepara.

1. Swim with the sharks

Karimunjawa tourist areas offer you a sensational experience with swimming and playing with the sharks. The blacktip reef shark is a shark that likes sandy shallow waters, with which you can encounter when swimming or snorkeling in the Menjangan island is great.

Shark species are benign and do not attack humans. Its body length is only about 1.6 meters. You do not need to feel afraid. But if Your anxiety is still undiminished, try to experience the thrill of swimming with sharks that are smaller in breeding.

2. Snorkeling

You'll never run out of snorkel spots when it comes to these islands. There are many exciting snorkeling spots scattered across the Karimunjawa tourist sites.

Favorite spots for snorkeling, among others in the Large Menjangan Island, a small island of Menjangan Island, Cape Coast, and the island of Cypress Glam great. They all have the same view, white sandy beach with turquoise-coloured sea water.

If you want to find a view of the coral reefs and beautiful ornamental fishes, most in Small Menjangan island. But because of the shallow depths of the sea, tourists often do snorkeling there coral-reef touches that are on the site. It is feared this will interfere with the process of the survival of coral reefs.

3. Play to "Burnt"

This is not burnt that is synonymous with the burn. The sandbar is a term used to describe the land Sandy poking to the ocean surface when water is being receded when the morning. When the afternoon, burnt itself will disappear.

In the tourist area of Karimunjawa, you will very easily found many charred. But my most favorite Scrubfowl is Burnt pine is located east of Pine Island Gede. It also scorched spot allows you to enjoy the scenery of ria snorkelling reefs, or if you're lucky you will see turtles as well as other interesting sea life.

4. Diving on Shipwrecks

On a vacation to the island dubbed Carribean of Java this would not be complete if you do not try diving in depth its activities. Will not be in vain if you prepare Your diving license to explore more deeply the Karimunjawa underwater heaven eminently fascinating.

At Karimunjawa, you will find an amazing diving experience near the carcass-shipwreck. Spot the shipwreck is not only one, but it amounted to much. Call it for instance Coral ships, Shipwrecks Pinisi, Indoor Wrecks, as well as the most famous Wrecks was the Biblis has vanes of bronze adorning some pretty soft coral.

5. The Floating Inn

This is an unusual experience. You can relax while staying at the Inn that floats. In the tourist area of Karimunjawa, you can try staying at Turtle Resort or Guesthouse Buoyancy to feel the thrill of staying in the middle of the ocean.

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