Tips stay at star hotels for beginners

Tips stay at star hotels for beginners

Tips stay at star hotels for beginners - Service at the hotel is somewhat different hotels as the non-stars. In order not to get confused and clumsy, check out some of these tips before staying for the first time.

There's always a first time in all things. It could be that your stay at the hotel for leisure, work, or because of nötigung conditions e.g. when mudik Lebaran.

5 have service and some of the General conditions for the guests. here are some tips when you first stay at a star hotel.

1. Online reservation
It is important for you to make a reservation, at least two days before the stay. This is because the hotel had plenty of room, so you have to customize it to your needs.

The Standard Room is a room with standard facilities at the hotel. One level above it there was a Deluxe Room, then some type of premium as Family Room, One Bedroom Suite, and Presidential Suite.

In addition to determining the date and length of stay, make sure you get the desired room type. Reservations can be made directly from the site, or via several websites booking hotels.

Tips stay at star hotels for beginners
2. Check-in time and Check-out
The majority of hotels in Indonesia, including star hotels, have hours of check-in and check out. Guests should normally check in 14:00, and check out 12 noon the next day.

Even so, some of the hotels apply early check in and late check out. If you arrive at destinations earlier, you can ask the hotel for early check in before 14.00. Same is the case with the late checkout, usually, the guest is given extra time up to 1 hour to check out of the hotel. But of course, you have to communicate in advance to the hotel.

3. Deposit
Upon check-in, you will be asked for a deposit or credit card guarantee. The magnitude of the deposit money usually corresponds to the nominal price during your stay.

If you stay in the framework of the tasks of the Office, at the time of check out the receptionist will ask You for a credit card back then return the money in full.

But what if you don't have a credit card? You should bring cash as collateral. The face amount of matter depends on each hotel. Just like a credit card, cash is so any guarantee will be refunded once you check out from the hotel.

4. Tip for bellhop
At the star hotel, reasonable if so check in Your belongings directly performed by the officer. The goods will be directly delivered to the room so that you do not need to be heavy-weight carrying stuff.

Therefore, many guests give a tip to the hotel. It is not compulsory, just as a token of thanks.

5. Toiletries
Went into the bathroom, toiletries you can use for free. Call it a SOAP, shampoo, and a toothbrush. The toiletries are usually placed in a small container, or in cardboard boxes.

However, lest you bring home towels, doormat, or blow dryer. Some of the items may not be brought home, including pillows and all other goods in the hotel.

Also not to be confused between a doormat and towels. The shape is similar and the colour is usually the same. A doormat that folded placed near a bathtub or shower, while towels folded at the top. Be in the toilet or the top of the bathtub.

6. The key hotel
In 5-star hotels, your room key will not be conventional such as house keys. The given key card-shaped sensor. Tap Your card resides on the sensor that is on the outside of the door.

This card also serves to turn on the electricity in the room. Don't forget to bring Your room key every exit Keep also cards of electronic objects. If you bring valuables, star hotels usually have a safety deposit box. Keep your valuables in this box to make it more secure.

7. Breakfast
The cost of a stay at the star hotel including breakfast usually served in a buffet. Ask the hotel, where breakfast is served. General breakfast can be enjoyed in the hotel's flagship restaurant.

Also, make sure the applicable breakfast time. Typically, breakfast is served from 07.00-10.00.

8. The hotel's facilities
Don't hesitate to ask the hotel clerk about the facilities and services available. For example, spa, fitness, swimming pool, or even the laundry room.

Ask if you can use these facilities free of charge. In addition, if you are a less understood problem how to operate a fitness tool is probably the first time you meet, it is better to ask in advance to the hotel.

9. Internet
Usually, the star hotels have free internet facilities (WiFi) but not provided free of charge. Ask in advance internet facilities in the hotel, especially the question of price. However, now many star hotels which also provides free WiFi. But you still have to make sure, does the WiFi available in the entire hotel room or just at the lobby.

10. Note the default stuff
Before leaving the hotel, do check back all Your stuff. If there are items left on star hotels, will usually be stored in the hotel.

This is because once you find the goodies guests in rooms, janitor (cleaning service) will submit them to the hotel. But it's good you check all parts of the room, including a bathroom before check out.

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