The Hidden Shadow Puppets Tour in Solo

The Hidden Shadow Puppets Tour in Solo

The Hidden Shadow Puppets Tour in Solo - That afternoon, Thursday, July 22, 2016, the square North of the Keraton Solo looks crowded. Car and motor appear to meet the road until the traffic-choked up.

People also looked out the Klewer market entry while occupying the land North of the Palace Square. In the market of Agate, also were afflicted with some lovers of precious stones that.

Meanwhile, stretching around the North square it looked different 360 degrees when it walked into the great Hall Crafts shadow puppets. Behind the ancient building joglo roof that, craftsman shadow puppets as hidden behind the cars and glass Windows.

The Hidden Shadow Puppets Tour in Solo

KompasTravel had visited the center of making leather puppets in the management of the Sunanate of it. Visit KompasTravel in order to follow a tour package Accor Solo Heritage Cycling.

The building that was under a Banyan tree holds a treasure trove of priceless knowledge. Who would have thought behind the building that impressed this covered making shadow puppets can be seen to the naked eye?

That afternoon, two crafters look khusyuk put pen to the top colored puppets made from Buffalo skin. Their mengarsir lines carefully without the slightest little effort.

Sanggar Agung Puppets Hall at the side of the road the square North of the Keraton Surakarta, Central Java, Thursday (21/7/2016). This puppet Studio is one of the places visited in the tour package Accor Solo Heritage Cycling.

Craftsman shadow puppets in the great Hall of the Keraton Kasunanan Solo, Sihhantosays, this place is open for tourists. In the great Hall, according to him, tourists can see the making shadow puppets.
"Here, too, can buy a puppet for the gift shop," said Sihhanto to KompasTravel some time ago.

In addition to making shadow puppets, Sihhanto added, the great Hall is also the place to learn the place was. Not only that, he continued, a row of gamelan can also be bought as souvenirs.

As for the types of puppets are made in the great Hall as Wayang Beber, puppet, puppet Gedhok Purwo, Madya, Wayang Wayang Klithik, and Mena. Each puppet requires different times for making depending on difficulty.

If you want to bring home the puppet-puppet, prepare the thicker pay. There, puppets for sale ranging from IDR 500,000 per sheet.

It feels incomplete to Solo if a visit to the great Hall. Puppet knowledge could try absorbed in the midst of hectic pile Ampyang, Bakpia, Klanting to batik fabrics.

If you want to visit, try came in the morning at around 9:00 am EDT. To confirm the great Hall opening hours, you can call the phone number 661931-0271.

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