Tips on Holiday to Sri Lanka

Tips on Holiday to Sri Lanka

Tips on Holiday to Sri Lanka - The character of Sri Lanka is a country of old. The buildings are mostly buildings and old houses relics of the colonial United Kingdom. Traditional markets and his bus terminal also still old style. A rarity in modern shopping centre. Even if there are only a few and small.

Although old, bustling centers or well-furnished public needs. Buses in rows and parking purposes. In traditional markets is also no street vendors who take the roads. So congestion does not much go on in this country.

Exemplary is the pedestrian pathways are highly respected in Sri Lanka. Hikers with free and comfortable walking on the pedestrian. The vehicle will stop at zebra crossings or cross. The public bus was only willing to stop at the bus stop. To the discipline, of course, Indonesia still lost much of Sri Lanka.

Tips on Holiday to Sri Lanka

Some of the things that must be prepared for a holiday to Sri Lanka are :

1. The Weather
The uniqueness of Sri Lanka is in the North of the weather will be very hot and humid. Travel in some cities such as Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Negombo, and Colombo, blazing their Sun is very intense. Sweat flowed copiously. We make it difficult to walk during the day.

In the South such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, and the weather is so cool and Unawatuna. Even the Agency could be shivering at night. Be keen on counting with clothing and body condition.

2. Food
For some tourists, the Sri Lankan food unfriendly on the tongue. Local foods of Sri Lanka itself is not much different from the cuisine of India. Roti prata, Curry, rice, and pastries rich in spices.

When not used, the stomach too so problematic. But don't worry, in many places available store that provide Western food such as sandwiches.

3. Information
Frequently seek information before getting to Sri Lanka. The little things are starting to rule clothing, transport routes, food, places, including price. When you join the troupe tours may not be OK. When the road independently then this should be noted. In her own country, its tourism information system is still minimal.

That's some tips on holiday to Sri Lanka you can try when you are planning a holiday to Sri Lanka. The article from us, if this article helpful, please share it via social media buttons below. Thanks

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